Ready to grow a thriving speaking business?  I suggest you focus on the same eight areas that any new business or product launch requires.

The most successful speakers take time on each of these areas because they work together to lead to possibilities. The good news is that once you’ve gone through the entire process once, you can focus and build out any of the steps in pieces.

When you know and can express your first four legs: Vision, Differentiation, Goals and Brand, you’re well on your way.

1. Determine your vision

What is the purpose of your speaking business and why do you want to do it?

What niche expertise do you have to share with others?

Challenge yourself to provide very specific answers to these questions that are unique to you.  What makes you an “Only”?

2. Differentiate yourself based on your Smallest Viable Market’s needs

One of my favorite marketers, Seth Godin, talks about putting a huge percentage of your time and energy into your minimum viable audience.

How are your talks different from what else is out there?

Who are the ideal audiences and where will you find them?

Focus your efforts on your ideal audience and you will increase your value to and with that audience.  Sure you’ll speak for other groups, but strive to become the known expert in your area.

3. Set goals so you can measure your results

What do you want to achieve, by when and who will help you in each area?

What do you want to accomplish this year?  Three years from now?

What do you need to do in each quarter to reach your goals?

Who will be on your team and what will each person or service provide?

4. Develop your online brand

Make sure your online personal brand matches your speaking goals.

How do you present yourself on LinkedIn, Twitter or other platforms you use?

What does the signature block of your email say?

Does your web site highlight your speaking?

(For details on a what you need on a speaking page, see my article on Speaker Web Site Optimization.)