Share Your Light and Your Vision

My favorite business marketing writer, Seth Godin, shared a post about presenting to a group that every speaker should know - no matter how long they've been speaking: Find just one person. Don't memorize and don't read. This isn't a performance. The challenge is becoming you. This is my favorite paragraph: "Think about the most

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How to Build a Content Calendar

With most of my clients, we build their content calendar once a year. We spend an hour brainstorming and sorting the ideas and then choose the 12 most important topic areas they want to be known for. Those 12 topics become themes for each month of the upcoming year. Of course shorter article ideas will

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Speaking Webpage Checklist: 8 Things To Include

Your website is the best example of your personal brand. Most speakers spend the same amount of money on their website that they want to be paid for one speaking gig. Experienced event planners can typically guess your keynote fee simply by the quality of your website.  Here’s what you should have to help you

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Nurture Your Clients and Build Your Business

Like building any business, it takes time, effort and energy to build a speaking business. Using your best networking and relationship rapport building skills is essential.  Make the emphasis on helping others and showing up as generous, thoughtful and valuable. Here's a best practice idea: add two hours to your calendar every week to do

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Position Yourself to Appeal to All of Your Customers

When you sell yourself as a speaker you have at least three very different customers that you need to appeal to and make sure are confident that you’re the right fit. The event planner, education chair, committee member or admin gathering names to present to the decision maker/s The committee or higher level executive making

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How to Hold a Pre-Event Planning Call

About one month before the event, schedule a pre-event planning call. Here’s a script of what you could ask during that call: Please tell me about the event Do you have a Theme? How many people do you hope will attend? What job titles or roles do the attendees have? What are your overall goals

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Next 4 Legs of Your Speaking Business

Now that you have the first four legs of your speaking business (Vision, Differentiation, Goals and Brand), here are the next four legs of your speaking business to work on. 5. Develop and work your marketing and promotions plan At the beginning of each quarter, create a marketing plan and schedule time to implement it.

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Get Spin-Off Business from your Speaking Events

The best way to get new business is from people who have seen you speak and know you can help them.  If done generously and intentionally, your interactions on the day of the event will result in additional business from 5% of the audience.  If you’re not reaching that goal, here are seven ways to

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First 4 Legs of a Speaking Business

Ready to grow a thriving speaking business?  I suggest you focus on the same eight areas that any new business or product launch requires. The most successful speakers take time on each of these areas because they work together to lead to possibilities. The good news is that once you’ve gone through the entire process

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