Like building any business, it takes time, effort and energy to build a speaking business. Using your best networking and relationship rapport building skills is essential.  Make the emphasis on helping others and showing up as generous, thoughtful and valuable.

Here’s a best practice idea: add two hours to your calendar every week to do this work.  Everyone who’s ever dedicated that much time to it is pleasantly surprised by the exponential benefits they receive.

  • Create a database of contacts and reach out to them in a personal way on a quarterly basis. Send “news” that is relevant and valuable to them and tell them why you thought of them.


  • Watch what former or potential clients are doing on social media and interact with them.


  • Send a personal email, or even better, a hand written note showing your appreciation for that person and offer something specific that you would like to do for them – even if it’s buying them coffee or lunch next month.  And then follow up to schedule that.


  • Always gather contact names at events and send a personalized follow up. Write notes to yourself immediately to remember specific follow up details. Track these leads in your database or a pipeline/opportunity funnel to move them forward.

When you’re diligent about creating and following through on a pipeline system, business will come your way.