Now that you have the first four legs of your speaking business (Vision, Differentiation, Goals and Brand), here are the next four legs of your speaking business to work on.

5. Develop and work your marketing and promotions plan

At the beginning of each quarter, create a marketing plan and schedule time to implement it.

Use your website, SEO, PR, email marketing and social media strategies to promote your speaking and personal brand.

Take a generous approach on social media and connect with others and share the insights you gained from them during your speaking and events


6. Integrate your speaking goals into all of your work plans

What specific tactics will you use to include your desire to speak more and for higher impact audiences in your business development and relationship building effort?

And your sales and marketing plans and goals?

And your social media plan and blog/articles content schedule?


7. Create a Sales Strategy System

The goal is to turn Awareness into Interest into Offers into Bookings into Advocacy

I go into this much deeper in other articles, but here are some ideas for you:

What five things can you do this month to help your existing clients or contacts know about your growing speaking business?  Once you have a list of tasks, schedule time on your calendar to do them.

What five things can you do this month to find new clients for your speaking business?

Create a pipeline of leads in a spreadsheet or CRM and keep working on it.


8. Take time for reflection, assessment and continuous improvement

Evaluate what went well, what could be improved, and your Lessons Learned.

Decide how you will include those lessons learned into your next speaking gig