When you sell yourself as a speaker you have at least three very different customers that you need to appeal to and make sure are confident that you’re the right fit.

  1. The event planner, education chair, committee member or admin gathering names to present to the decision maker/s
  2. The committee or higher level executive making the decision to choose you (This is the customer who is typically paying your fee) and
  3. Your audience who attends the event

What do each of these three customers want to know that you do well?

What are their goals and how to you meet them?

What do you need to show them so they don’t need to worry?

And HOW will you do that?

Take some time and journal at least 10 answers to each of the questions above.

When you find overlapping qualities, highlight them in your web site and marketing messages.

Where you see unique needs, try to mention them in your phone calls or emails to that person so your customer knows you’re thinking of them. That critical thinking and awareness of their needs shows you’re willing to go beyond the typical speaker.